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‘More absorbent, less smell and soft. A brilliant alternative’

Ada was adopted on 19 February 2020. We are both animal lovers, so when we saw Ada’s picture on a rescue page, we fell in love with her. We went and picked her up a day before my 22nd birthday and she became our fifth cat.

Ada had been given up alongside her mother and father by her previous owner after she could no longer care for her. At the rescue, she was given the name Martha. It was quite clear that some abuse had played a part in her upbringing. Her fur was so matted to her skin that she needed to be shaved.

She hid in corners and under furniture for months and even now sometimes if you raise your hand too fast or walk towards her, she will run off making us think she’s been hit and kicked in the past.

Due to Ada having half her fur shaven, when we got her she gained the nickname ‘Ugly Ada’ – even though we know it isn’t true that she’s ugly and we love her so much!

Much love and care

We were told she was six months old, but later we found out at the vet’s that she was much younger. While Ada has had much love and care since coming to our house, it’s clear her upbringing has stunted her growth as she is half the size of a normal cat. The vet said she won’t grow any bigger.

Ada has been with us now for about a year and a half and has gained so much more confidence! She doesn’t run and hide as much anymore. She lets us stroke her and she sits on our laps now too. She sleeps on us in bed, demands her dinner and attention whenever she wants it and rules the house.

‘So much easier to store, so much lighter, too’

Huskaloo is sustainable and eco-friendly, which we love as we are striving to be as eco-friendly as possible.

It is compact and comes in bricks, which you simply add some water to and they expand. The box is the size of a standard cereal box, which we found so much easier to store than the pellet bags and so much lighter, too! We struggle to carry the big litter bags around when shopping, so this is a brilliant alternative. One box worth = one month’s worth, which is brilliant!

When using Huskaloo in the litter tray, which Ada shares with her four brothers, we found it much better than traditional clay clumping or wooden pellet cat litter. It was more absorbent, less smelly and soft. It’s almost like she is going on outside soil! While there was a tiny bit of dust created by the litter, there was way, way less than normal litter.

AND we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet – it’s compostable!

Ella & Alice and their cat Ada Lovelace (You can follow Ada on https://www.instagram.com/ugly.ada/)

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