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Saving the Planet One Cat at a Time
Money doesn't grow on trees, but Huskaloo does
We really are taking the pee!
10 times more absorbent than clay cat litter
Hard on the competition, soft on the paws


Huskaloo is 100% sustainable. Coconut husk is a by-product of the coconut industry that might otherwise be thrown away.


2.5m tonnes of used cat litter reaches landfill in the UK every year – that’s over 200,000 double decker buses!


Clay cat litter is strip mined.
A disaster for the topsoil, the local environment and the local ecology.


90% lighter and 90% smaller than clay cat litter. Huskaloo uses a fraction of the energy to transport and store!
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An 8-brick box of Huskaloo is the size of a family cereal box and contains enough cat litter to last one average cat 2 months. The box and the brick sleeves are 100% recyclable and contain all the info you need to use Huskaloo and to help your cat change from your old cat litter.

The coconut husk bricks are both dehydrated and compressed for maximum lightness and smallness. They are sealed in waterproof, recyclable sleeves. They have to be – coconut husk is incredibly absorbent!

Add 8 fl oz of warm water to a brick and it will start to expand. Break it up into a soft, natural bed of Huskaloo. The entire process will take around a minute, so little time to help your cat save the planet. It’s oddly satisfying and even fun.

Better for Your Cat

Most cat litters are either hard on paws, dusty or both. Huskaloo is neither. Huskaloo is soft on paws and ten times more absorbent than clay, keeping it dry and fresh for up to a week. Huskaloo is soft and natural. Cats like it.

Better for You

No dust means no dusty paw prints and no irritating dust in the air. All cat litters can escape the tray a little, however the odd dry coconut strand is preferable to dust or soggy mush. Huskaloo is naturally a low odour product and also has added bicarbonate of soda to stay fresher for longer.

Better for your Pocket

One 8 brick box of Huskaloo will last one cat up to 8 weeks . Cat litter costs vary as does their performance . We know that Huskaloo performs brilliantly as a cat litter and it will only cost you pennies rather than pounds per day!

Better for The Planet

90% smaller and 90% lighter means a massive saving on the energy required to transport and store Huskaloo over heavy clay litters. Coconut husk is also a sustainable by-product of the coconut industry. It’s packaging is 100% recyclable and coconut fibres are 100% compostable. 


Cats and their humans both love Huskaloo because it is dust free, soft on paws and hypo-allergenic.


Huskaloo eco-friendly cat litter is treated with bicarbonate of soda to stay fresh, dry and odour free for longer.

Super absorbent

Huskaloo eco-friendly cat litter is ten times more absorbent than clay cat litters.

Cost Effectiveness

With Huskaloo you only need 1.7kg for 2 months, compared to over 25kg of traditional clumping litter – imagine how much money you can save!

How to Use Huskaloo

Brick to tray in one minute

Make sure your tray is clean. Unwrap a brick and place in your tray

Add 8oz of warm water to start expansion. Leave to work for 30 seconds

Don’t add any more water. You will want to add more water but don’t!

Break up the brick.
Make a lovely bed of dry, soft Huskaloo

How to Introduce Your Cat to a New Cat Litter

Changing from any cat litter to a new one needs to be gradual as change can be stressful and confusing for your cat. Be patient.

Your cat must learn that this new thing is cat litter or they will just poop on the carpet or in your shoes

Your cat needs to learn new behaviour. This new litter has a new smell, a new look, a new texture, a new sound. It’s confusing. They must learn that this is the loo now. This is where they go to the toilet. They have permission. It’s all good.

Make the change gradual. Add a little Huskaloo to your existing litter Increase the mix until your cat is used to Huskaloo Until you get to 100% lovely soft Huskaloo.

Your cat thanks you. Your pocket thanks you. Your carpet thanks you. Your shoes thank you. You are saving the planet one cat at a time

What Customers Are Saying

Great litter
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"Great value for money, and doesn’t cost the earth either. Fantastic product"
Eco friendly
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"I was very sceptical as just one cup of water didn't seem to be enough, but I really wanted it to work because it's so eco-friendly. Followed the instructions, and it worked really well! Will definitely recommend."
No nasties
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"Biodegradable, looks like soil. Kind to cats paws"
Neater & easier to use than other litters
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"Nothing to dislike, spent litter recycles easily in compost bin."
Andy Reid
My cats love this!
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"My cat took to this straight away - very easy to use & clean up. It’s tempting to use more water than recommended but give it a few minutes & it’ll crumble easily - adding too much water makes it less absorbent overall. It recommends stirring it but I absolutely don’t do this as it disturbs the smell! I find it lasts 3-4 days no problem. Shame it’s plastic wrapped but I guess it has to be otherwise any humidity would make it swell up. So much better for the environment & lugging huge bags of the usual litter. Perfect if you have limited storage space too"
Jayne Renouf
I’m not going back to clay litter
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"We have an older cat who likes to go indoor and outdoor. The transition to Huskaloo was allot easier than we originally thought. The litter once rehydrated smells really nice.(It doesn't smell like coconuts, more of an earthy smell that goes away after a few hours) We ran out of Huskaloo and had to use clay cat litter again...I soon went back to Huskaloo as it doesn't smell, after 2 days like the clay litter."



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