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Saving the Planet One Cat at a Time


Coconuts are a readily available, sustainable resource. The husk is an often-discarded by-product of all that lovely milk and water. Coconut husk is incredibly absorbent, resistant to bacteria and dust free which makes it absolutely ideal as a cat litter.

Scientifically Backed

Huskaloo is made from a special recipe of short and long coconut husk fibres that are dehydrated, compressed into bricks, and then sealed in recyclable plastic to keep them super dry. An independent lab test of the extraordinary absorbent properties of Huskaloo coconut cat litter is available here:

Control Those Odours

Cat owners are clear that the one thing they want from a cat litter is odour control . Coconut husk has a little aroma out of the box to help it stay that way throughout use. We have also added bicarbonate of soda that helps to control odours. Coconut fibres suck up liquids and lock them away. There are no clumps or dust held together by urine to handle or smell.

Environmentally Friendly

Huskaloo bricks are 90% smaller and 90% lighter than clay cat litter. This makes an enormous difference in the amount of energy required to transport and store it. Huskaloo is also compostable after use and all the packaging is recyclable. 2.5 million tonnes of clay cat litter goes to landfill each year in the UK. Huskaloo produces zero landfill.

Cats Like Huskaloo

The litter is soft and natural with a hint of aroma from the husk fibres. There is no dust, no pooling, and no sharp edges. As with any cat litter you should transition your cat gradually - using a cat tray is trained behaviour. Huskaloo is not a traditional litter, and your cat will need to be re-trained so they can use it as a toilet.

Living with Huskaloo

Dust free Huskaloo is good for you, your family, and your carpet. Bentonite clay dust in the air is not good. All cat litters track somewhat as cats are cats however coconut fibres are easier to deal with than dust, mulch, or silica chips. Huskaloo is much lighter to carry as well as being much smaller making it neater to store. No more large sacks to hump around!

Outperforms the Competition

Clay cat litters days are numbered. Strip mining to get a raw material and then shipping the bulky product around the world makes no sense. New cat litters are coming onto the market made of corn, silica, wood, grass, wheat, and paper. That’s great however we are confident Huskaloo outperforms all of them.

Softer & Cheaper

Cat litter costs vary hugely as does their performance. At £10 per month for an average cat Huskaloo is amazing value given the way Huskaloo performs and its environmental credentials. As we like to say, ‘pennies not pounds per day’. It is lighter, smaller, softer, cheaper, and more sustainable than other options on the market. It’s a revolution!


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