Huskaloo - the Future of Cat Litter in the UK

Eco-friendly, great for cats and hypo-allergenic,

Huskaloo is truly the future of cat litter! Huskaloo – Coconut cat litter is made from the husk of coconuts. An under-used resource that is often a discarded by-product of delicious chocolate bars and ice-cream. It’s super absorbent, biodegradable, naturally hypo-allergenic and resistant to bacterial growth.

Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

Huskaloo is treated with bicarbonate of soda, to stay fresh and odour free for the duration of use. It will naturally biodegrade in your garden compost. The packaging for Huskaloo is also 100% recyclable.

Cats Love Huskaloo

Huskaloo is much more than an eco-friendly cat litter – it’s also incredibly soft on your cat’s feet, won’t stick to their fur and won’t cause them to have any allergic reactions. Cats love Huskaloo and we’re sure you will too! Huskaloo eco-friendly cat litter is available in selected pet stores throughout the UK. Get in touch with our team to find a stockist near you!

Huskaloo is the future of cat litter! Call 01621 742828 or visit a stockist near you to place an order.

Free Delivery!

We’re currently offering FREE delivery on all orders for a limited time, so head over to our online store and get Huskaloo delivered straight to your door!

Buddy Scheme

Huskaloo are looking for the first 50 cat owners who can help us with our market research – especially with the transition from one cat litter to another.

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