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Darwin200 Project

AHOY! Huskaloo Joins Scientific Expedition Researching UK Plastic Pollution

Huskaloo is making waves in the global cat litter market – and recently we were proud to have also made waves in the waters around the British Isles by supporting an important scientific expedition.

Huskaloo was one of the sponsors of the ‘Darwin200 Project’, a tall-ship voyage which collected valuable data on the marine life in our coastal waters and the effects of plastics and pollution on their fragile habitats.

In all, 19 young people, who otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity, were trained as sailors and conservationists and crewed the tall ship ‘Pelican’ around the UK coast.

The 13-week voyage even made front page news – in the launch issue of our very own newspaper ‘The Huskaloo Times’.

Tracey Voss, Huskaloo’s Founder, said: “Millions of tons of plastic waste end up in UK landfill every year and ultimately in the waters around the UK.

“In addition, 2.4 million tons of used clay cat litter also go into UK landfill annually and Team Huskaloo are passionate about reducing this unnecessary waste that is so bad for the environment.

“We were very proud to have the chance to support the trainee sailors and conservationists who were investigating the problem with plastic waste in landfills and waters around the UK.”

Stay tuned for more news from aboard the tall ship Pelican, whose maritime adventures Team Huskaloo are monitoring closely as their expedition goes international.

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