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Hear from the cat owners praising this new low-cost, high-value cat litter

"We are making savings all around. It’s much easier on the pocket. Huskaloo’s a ‘win-win-win!’”

It comes just at the right time as the cost of living crisis deepens

As the current cost-of-living crunch squeezes UK household budgets, pet owners have praised a new, award-winning product for cats for delivering “an enormous and hugely welcome saving” in pet-care expenses.

With families facing rising prices for essentials such as food, children’s clothing and energy, the extra value from Huskaloo, the world’s first compact, eco-friendly cat litter, is being seen as “a huge boost”.

Britain’s 12 million cats and their owners definitely deserve better. New Huskaloo Coconut Cat Litter is made from compressed, dehydrated coconut husk, a bi-product of the coconut industry, which unless re-used would be destined for landfill.

Huskaloo is super-absorbent, bacteria-resistant, 90% lighter and 90% smaller than clay litters and treated with bicarbonate of soda for an odour-free tray. It’s fully compostable and biodegradable, not adding to the 2.5 million tonnes of used clay litter dumped into UK landfill every year.

In the current economic climate, with even higher pressure on domestic bills expected this winter, and with one eight-brick box of Huskaloo costing £18 and lasting one average cat two months, it’s Huskaloo’s value for money that is impressing cat owners the most.

Praise for Huskaloo’s value for money comes from all over the UK, from London to Manchester. (L-R) Owner Kevin with Ruby and Victor with his owner James

‘Huskaloo’s savings bring us great peace of mind’

Manchester cat owner James Silvester, who lives with his wife, two children and their black-and-white, short-hair rescue cat, Victor, aged three, writes sci-fi books and thrillers. He has written four novels and contributed to two short-story collections.

As the Silvesters balance their family budget, James also found the comparative low cost of Huskaloo in relation to their previous litter thrilling.

He said: “We have not always used the same brand in the past and aren’t wedded to one in particular, just using whatever’s available. We’d normally go for a bag of the 20-litre, non-clumping clay stuff and could pay between £12-£15 for one bag. We’d get one twice a month, so we could spend £30 a month on cat litter.

“In view of the cost-of-living crisis, Huskaloo’s cost is a very significant saving that will help us. It’s an enormous and hugely welcome saving for our cost of living at what is an extraordinarily difficult time. At the moment, that means a great deal because everybody’s watching the pennies. Bills are rising, so less outlay on our pet is a huge boost.

“With the cost-of-living crisis escalating, as it seems to be, and with no end to it in sight, knowing we can reduce the expenditure on the essentials for our cat Victor brings us great peace of mind.”

With household bills rising, award-winning Huskaloo is proving a ‘hugely welcome’ cost-saver, say owners of some of Britain’s 12 million cats

Huskaloo’s ‘eco story’ impresses him, too. He added: “My wife and I are very concerned about the environmental impact of such products, so Huskaloo’s story is a big bonus for us. Anything that pushes the market towards more sustainable products is hugely welcome. Strip-mining is quite concerning when you consider it. So, yes, that’s a big important factor for us. We have a garden, so the used Huskaloo can go onto our compost area at the back.

“Victor was litter-trained when we got him. He handled the transition to Huskaloo in his stride. I read the helpful Q&A advice on Huskaloo’s website, which advises you do a gradual introduction and Victor seems to have adapted well.”

‘Great value’ – Huskaloo is ‘much easier on the pocket’

London-based, education support worker, Kevin Cover is another cat owner with a keen eye trained on the cost-of-living crunch. He praised Huskaloo’s value for money after trialling it on his five-year-old tabby cat, Ruby.

Previously, Kevin, from Hackney, bought his local supermarket’s own brand, a three-kilos sack. His monthly outlay was around £26, about £50 for two months, as compared to an eight-brick Huskaloo box, which also lasts for two months but costs just £18.

“We are making savings all around. It’s much easier on the pocket. Huskaloo’s a ‘win-win-win!’”

He said: “Huskaloo is £18 a box but in the long-haul, it does last a lot longer. I think Huskaloo is great value because with the gravel, you would have to change that frequently because of the smell and that obviously means you need more bags to limit the smell and you’re spending more. With Huskaloo, it says one brick will last one week, but it does go over a week and I’m so surprised by the limit of the smell.”

“The cost of living is going up and that’s one of the disadvantages of using gravel. The cost of food, energy and transport costs like petrol are going up, all that doesn’t help.”

To learn more about and find out where to buy Huskaloo, visit huskaloo.com or email info@huskaloo.com.

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