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What do owners think of the world’s first compact, compostable, coconut cat litter?

Do you and your cat deserve better? Fed up with expensive, smelly litter and want to be more friendly to the environment?

Britain’s 12 million cats and their owners definitely deserve better.

That’s the inspirational thinking behind Huskaloo, the world’s first compact, eco-friendly cat litter that costs pennies, not pounds per day.

Huskaloo founder, Tracey Voss, said: “We knew from the start the last thing people wanted was yet another cat litter. But we also knew owners and their cats deserved better.

“Lockdown prompted many businesses to re-think products and services – a perfect example is Huskaloo. It’s kinder to cats, makes life easier for owners, and is more considerate to the environment.”

With cat owners now less keen to carry heavy sacks of traditional clay litter home from the High Street, a revolutionary new product was born – and it’s just won top awards, including Gold for ‘Innovations in lockdown’.

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Huskaloo are looking for the first 50 cat owners who can help us with our market research – especially with the transition from one cat litter to another.

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